The Moment…

“its the moment, its about the moment.
i can’t rush on the long road, i only crawl on the grass.
let’s not run, why don’t we walk.
you hold my shirt and i’ll talk.
i’ll play with your hair and you, with me.
its the walk and not the destination.
its not the life-long…its the “meanwhile”
moment is all we both have, at least i don’t have the life.
this moment has life…and i have you.
give me this moment and i’ll will make you alive.
you take “a moment” to value the life.
but just wasted it…and the life.
good or bad…yes or no…ah this questions!!
but angle, you’ll never know…let the moment show…
the beauty, the love, the touch, the silence, the smiles and the tears.
Imagedon’t run…don’t run away.

just crawl…try…just crawl.

angle, its not the life-long, its somewhere in the “meanwhile”.
can’t you get it? why can’t i get you…just for a while, just this time!”

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